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Photography my Passion

My passion for Photography began when I was 8 years old and accidentally opened the back of my father's 35mm camera and over exposed a roll of film .  When I got in trouble, it was explained to me that light would over expose the film and ruin the roll.  I was immediately fascinated by the fact that a single moment in time could be captured on film by the correct exposure of light. Inside my 8 year old mind, this process was simply magic.

Throughout the remainder of my childhood a camera was never far from my hand and when I started high school I enrolled in numerous photography courses, spending much of my free time in the darkroom perfecting my craft.

After graduating college I decided to make my hobby my profession and moved to NYC to pursue an MFA in Photography at School of Visual Arts.

In my free time I still shoot with my 35mm film camera, and my medium format Mamiya RZ. Photography continues to be a magical process for me.